Our Wedding Date: June 20, 2017

Wedding what?!

Let us start by saying thank you for being part of our lives and the girls lives! 

We would absoutely love to have every single person invited including spouse, date or children attend. We know that isn't likely especially with a destination wedding. Just know that you will be there in our hearts even if you don't make it. We 100% understand that well... life happens and if it's distance of travel, school term, child care, or you think weddings are lame know that we understand and hope that in some way we will be able to celebrate love, family and friendship one day. Even if that means we just run into each other somewhere and have a small exchange of words and hugs, we see each other at a party or BBQ or we just exchange emails, letters, cards, phone calls or text. Know that we get it. If we could afford it we would travel to see each and every one of you so that it was a bit more convient- hey we love an excuse to travel! 

Soon we will be sending out our save the dates. It is a few months in advance.  We would like everyone to have the opportunity to make this trip a vacation if they would like as well. As I said we love to travel and if we can be that little push to make others do so as well, then maybe we can be an infulance in your life as much as you have been to ours. 


G & T + 2